Prayer Groups

There are 3 prayer groups in the parish, namely Mar Ivanios Prayer group, Mother Teresa Prayer group and St. Joseph Prayer group. Prayer meeting is conducted once a month, on a Saturday evening at the residence of a parishioner who wish to host the service. A secretary and treasurer is elected to represent each prayer group.

The meeting starts with the recital of the Holy Rosary, followed by prayer songs. Afterwards, the children and adults read a portion of a book from the Old Testament. The vicar then reads the Holy Gospel and shares his reflection. Next, the members recite individual prayers of intercession and thanksgiving. The prayer meeting concludes with the Sandhya Prarthana and blessing. The secretary then reads out the report which gives a highlight of the previous meeting.

Every year ,all prayer groups sing Christmas carols visiting each member’s home. This is attended by all members, young and old, with joy and love.