Parish Council

The Parish community has a dynamic and enthusiastic Parish Council. Council members for the following calendar year are elected by conducting elections annually by convening a General Body meeting .  The Council comprises of the Vicar, Associate Vicar, Secretary, Treasurer, Pastoral Council Representatives, Sunday School Principal, and the Presidents of the Parish units of the Malankara Catholic Youth Movement (MCYM), Father’s Forum and Mothers’ Forum and additional council members. The Council assists the Vicar in the administrative facets of the Parish and also informs and discusses with the Vicar of the concerns that affect the whole parish. The Council also discuss matters pertaining to finances including the annual budget and the development of financial resources with the Vicar.

The Secretary and Treasurer prepare detailed annual activity and financial reports respectively. The annual financial report is reviewed by the internal auditor, followed by the Parish Council. After the Parish Council approves the report, these are presented to the General Body. Upon approval from the General Body, the reports are signed by the Vicar, Secretary and Treasurer, which are then submitted to the Bishop for review and approval.